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About SlipStream Software

SlipStream Aviation Software, Inc. (SASI) provides a comprehensive and modular platform (reservations, scheduling, operations, and business intelligence) that creates operating efficiencies across the entire aviation industry. For airlines, the Company’s proprietary technology enables significant profitability improvement and fuel savings by matching airline capacity with demand on a day-by-day, market-by-market basis. For the air charter and the emerging air taxi industries, the SASI solution can manage the entire product cycle, including initial booking, scheduling functions, fulfillment, and post-flight activities. These capabilities will be leveraged towards building the first ”Orbitz of Air Charter” portal, which will provide a one-stop shop for both customer bookings and schedule execution.


We invest in our client's success. When our clients succeed, so do we.

We are commited to excellent customer service. We don't just satisfy our customers; we exceed their expectations.

We share our knowledge freely, for it is the best path to adding value in any relationship.

We created this firm to meet the growing need for wider air travel options. Our products will empower airlines, air taxi/charter fleet operators, and travel channels with the tools to increase revenues and profits.

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"Airlines will either adopt flexible scheduling like that offered by SlipStream or they will watch their competitors do it and suffer the consequences."

~ Peter A. Pappas, CEO, ASM Aviation Services; formerly VP, Marketing and Planning, American Airlines