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Airline Solutions

Airline Solutions

The SlipStream Philosophy: Instead of forcing the customer to conform to your schedule, why not create a schedule that meets the customer's needs? At SlipStream Aviation Software, we help you do just that. Using patent-pending ScheduFlex™ technology, we take your airline's static, fixed schedules and transform them into dynamic schedules that seamlessly fluctuate with changes in demand, day-by-day and market-by-market.

Whether your airline is large or small, international or regional or has just a few aircraft, SlipStream can help you place those seats where they will bring in the highest revenue. Smaller airlines can use our ScheduFlex Lite™, which optimizes schedules for carriers with less than 50 aircraft, while ScheduFlex Pro™ can optimize schedules for the hundreds of aircraft operated in short-haul markets.

We also offer a wide variety of other products including our patent-pending ScheduFix™ technology, which can help your airline recover quickly and smoothly from weather-related problems. You'll not see any passengers stranded on the tarmac and very few waiting in the airport -- your airline can be back to running a normal schedule less than 24 hours after the start of a major storm, with extra flights available to serve the markets that most need extra capacity.

SlipStream Aviation Software is providing solutions that are taking off -- make sure your airline isn't left on the tarmac! Contact us today to learn more about SlipStream’s products and services and schedule a simulation.


ScheduFlex™ is SlipStream’s patent-pending system that reduces deadhead time and improves profitability by optimizing aircraft itineraries.


ScheduFix™ is SlipStream’s is a state-of-the-art system for weather recovery.

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