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ScheduFlex™ Overview

ScheduFlex™ is a state-of-the-art airline capacity management software package. Based on the position of every aircraft in your fleet, it creates a customized real-time schedule to optimize capacity day by day and market by market.

Most airlines publish fixed schedules 60 days in advance, but demand goes up and down every day in every market. On the days when supply exceeds demand, seats go unused or are sold at a financial loss. On the days when demand exceeds supply, customers are turned away.

ScheduFlex™ is a software program designed to align supply with demand. Using patent-pending technology, we take your airline's fixed, static schedule, and transform it into a dynamic schedule that seamlessly fluctuates with changes in demand, day by day and market by market. Based on the position of every aircraft in your fleet and the demand for every segment in every market every day, we create a customized, flexible schedule for your airline that manages capacity to align it with demand.

How does ScheduFlex™ work? We start with a smaller schedule than your airline typically publishes, leaving some capacity unscheduled, and therefore flexible. We then carefully monitor bookings through the entire cycle for every flight in every market. As flights begin to fill, add capacity in the form of new flights (extra sections), or equipment upgrades. The result is that at departure, all flights are nearly full!

The results? Increased load factor, higher profits, bigger market share - all without sacrificing service. And customers will notice the difference because they'll get the flights they want more often. Your competition will be left behind on the tarmac.

SlipStream offers two different ScheduFlex™ products: ScheduFlex Lite™, for small to medium-sized carriers, and ScheduFlex Pro™ for larger airlines.

Sign up today to have SlipStream do a simulation with your airline's data. We'll show you how ScheduFlex™ can improve your airline's load factor and profit margins!

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