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Air Taxi/Charter Solutions

Being a Part 135 operator is challenging and rewarding. You provide a valuable service for companies and individuals but must deal with a fragmented industry. There are a multitude of sales channels and thousands of individual operators competing for the same customer. Because of these inefficiencies, customers must deal with the inadequate availability of aircraft and sometimes duplicated results with different pricing.

However, SlipStream provides a comprehensive solution for air taxi and charter operators that simultaneously handles Reservations, Scheduling and Flight Operations. The SlipStream solution saves time and increases revenues and profits.

Air Charter Operators

Air charter operators must deal with a massively inefficient distribution structure consisting of multiple channels, slow and unreliable price quotations, and duplication of component services. These collectively result in high costs and low utilization of their fleets, which leads to very high prices to buyers. SASI uniquely provides an efficient distribution and delivery platform for air charter and fractional operators, which will increase fleet utilization, improve the customer value proposition, save costs (especially fuel), and enable the market to grow.

Air Taxi Operators

An emerging “on-demand” market segment called “Air Taxi” has launched service over the last 18 months. Air Taxi services utilize Very Light Jets (VLJ) to carry customers on demand between any two points at the customer’s convenience. The typical air taxi flight is expected to serve 4-6 passengers, span 800 miles or less, and originate or terminate at one of the roughly 5,400 smaller municipal airports spread throughout the U.S.—all at a cost comparable to that of a full-fare airline ticket. SASI enables air taxi providers using its technology platform to make their services affordable and available in real time to a broader travel market.



ResFlex™ provides Reservations and Traveler Management to air taxi and air charter providers.



RouteFlex™ is SlipStream’s patent-pending system that reduces deadhead time and improves profitability by optimizing aircraft itineraries.


OpsFlex™ is SlipStream’s comprehensive operations management solution. It includes modules to track activities for both aircraft and crews.

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