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Air Taxi/Charter Solutions

RouteFlex™ Overview

If you're an air taxi or air charter company, you know that you're very different from the scheduled airlines--and it goes way beyond just providing premium service. Airlines live and die by published timetables but you don't even have a published schedule!

For your operation, each and every booking can—and usually does—alter the entire schedule. You sometimes have to fly entire aircraft with only one passenger.

Scheduling is a challenge. Occasionally, you probably have to turn down profitable bookings due to lack of aircraft. Your aircraft and crew utilization are lower than you would like, and your deadhead time is higher than you would like. Existing scheduling solutions that work for scheduled airlines don't work at all for air taxi and charter operators.

That's why SlipStream created RouteFlex™. It's a state-of-the-art software program designed specifically to meet the challenges of aircraft scheduling and routing for air taxi/charter operators. RouteFlex™ continually re-optimizes the placement of each aircraft in real time to ensure that your schedule achieves maximum profitability, even in the face of fragmented, unbalanced, and inflexible demand.

To learn more about how RouteFlex™ can help create a customized, dynamic schedules for your operation (while leaving your competition on the tarmac), click here for a detailed briefing on RouteFlex™.


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