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Why SlipStream

SlipStream Aviation Software offers a comprehensive set of products and services for the entire aviation marketplace. Our solutions can help both airlines and air taxi/charter operators to gain market share and increase profits without sacrificing service.

The SlipStream philosophy throughout the product line is to provide innovation that leads to vastly improved market opportunities and cost efficiencies. The patent-pending scheduling technology (which is the cornerstone of both ScheduFlex™ and RouteFlex™) can route aircraft to take advantage of market opportunities that conventional companies will not see. Whether your operation is large or small, SlipStream Aviation Software can help you position your capacity to where it will bring in the highest revenue.

In the airline marketplace, SlipStream offers ScheduFlex Pro™, which optimizes schedules for the hundreds of aircraft held by large domestic and international carriers. Similarly, ScheduFlex Lite™ will optimize schedules for carriers with less than 50 aircraft. The ScheduFix™ technology can complement the ScheduFlex™ products by helping an airline recover quickly and smoothly from weather-related problems. You'll not see any passengers stranded on the tarmac and very few waiting in the airport -- your airline can be back to running a normal schedule less than 24 hours after the start of a major storm, with extra flights available to serve the markets that most need extra capacity.

For air taxi and air charter, SlipStream offers the combination of ResFlex™ for Reservations, RouteFlex™ for aircraft routing and cheduling, and OpsFlex™ for fleet and operations management. The integration of the three system components allows the operations management system to become instantly aware of commitments made by the reservations component, and vice-versa.

SlipStream Aviation Software is taking off -- make sure you’re not left on the tarmac! Contact Us today to learn more about SlipStream’s products and services and schedule a simulation.

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